Your end-to-end partner in all your paving stone and block construction projects

Lujabetoni Oy is the leading concrete industry company in Finland. Established more than 60 years ago, we provide sustainable concrete construction solutions for professional constructors and home builders alike. Lujabetoni employs more than 600 professionals of concrete construction and has an annual turnover of around EUR 130 million. We have 26 element and concrete product factories and ready-mix concrete plants in Finland, Sweden and Russia. We also export our products to Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

Strong expertise, central location

Our Oulu factory is a strong developer of paving stones, bringing new products into market every year. Thanks to our central location, we can deliver anywhere in Finland and Northern Scandinavia.

A one-stop-shop for all kinds of blocks

Lujabetoni’s extensive product range includes thin-joint interlocking blocks, masonry LECA blocks and casting blocks.  All block models are also available with insulation.

Be inspired by our paving stones

Lujabetoni’s paving solutions are great for creating attractive details in your garden.  Combine stones and slabs for a variety of pattern options. As the sizes of nearly all stones are multiples of 70 mm, the combination options are almost endless.

Create variation with wall stones

Wall stones are great for limiting different areas and controlling variable elevations in the garden.

Now we also have a range of lighting options available.

Discover our products and be inspired!

For more information, please contact Sales manager Jari Huovinen, tel. +358 44 585 2400, jari.huovinen@luja.fi