An ideal construction material

Thanks to their many excellent properties, blocks are an ideal and safe material for construction. Blocks are frost-proof, fire-proof and non-decaying and provide effective sound insulation. Blocks are easily workable and easy to handle. They tolerate even the harsh weather conditions of Finland. A house built of blocks and plastered outside needs very little maintenance and retains its resale value.

Lujabetoni’s extensive product range includes thin-joint interlocking blocks, masonry ACC blocks and casting blocks.

Blocks are the basis of a construction system that can be employed in building a house from the foundation to the top roof. They provide designers an opportunity to employ unique form and space solutions that would be difficult to create with any other construction material.

Estimate the building costs with the stone house calculator.

The stone house calculator is a tool that makes it easier for self-builders to estimate and plan the costs of their building projects. You can estimate the building costs of the most common home construction projects even before the actual design has been created.