Mortars and accessories for blocks

Lujabetoni also stocks mortars by Fescon and other masonry accessories to complete your block package.


Mortars for interlocking blocks

Mortars for interlocking blocks using thin-joint method

Mortar for interlocking blocks PHL M 101,000 kgMortar for interlocking blocks PHL M 10500 kgMortar for interlocking blocks PHL Winter M 101,000 kg

Block mortars

For laying LECA blocks

Block mortar M100/5001,000 kgBlock mortar Winter M100/5001,000 kg

Corro concrete

For casting interlocking and LECA beam blocks

  • Interlocking block EH-420, beam
  • MEHP-380 Ultra beam block
  • EHP-350 Grafit beam block
  • LTP-300 beam block
Corro Concrete K30 3 mm1,000 kg

Stone adhesive

For interlocking partition wall blocks using thin-joint method

Stone adhesive KVL25 kg

Mortar toboggans

Mortar toboggan, adjustable LK 200 - 420For interlocking and LECA blocks
Mortar toboggan, adjustable LK 200 - 380For interlocking and LECA blocks
Mortar toboggan, adjustable LK 80 - 150For interlocking and LECA blocks
Mortar toboggan LK 88For interlocking blocks for partition walls

Brick ties

Brick ties are employed in walls made of interlocking or LECA insulating blocks to tie the shells of the block to each other. Brick ties are always installed in the bottom joint of the top block layer and in the top and bottom joints immediately surrounding intermediate floors. Ties are installed in horizontal joints with 500 mm intervals in every third joint.

In addition, ties are installed to the jambs of each door and window opening, where one tie is placed in every joint (with 200 mm vertical intervals).

For walls higher than 3.5 m, we recommend using 4 brick ties for every square metre, i.e. with 500 mm intervals in every second joint.

Brick ties are sold in batches of 50.

Brick tieFor blocksstainless 50 x 200 x 50 mm, U4EH-240, EH-300stainless 50 x 280 x 50 mm, U4EH-350 Grafit, MEH-380 Ultrastainless 50 x 320 x 50 mm, U4
Interlocking block EH-420

Strips for interlocking blocks for partition walls

Initial strip (U strip)15 x 88 x 15 mm, length 2500 mm
Crossing strip (W strip)8 x 88 x 8 mm, length 1250 mm
Crossing bar82 x 2 x 1500 mm, length 1250 mm
Support strip (L strip)39 x 39 x 2500 mm, length 1250 mm

Ladder reinforcement

For reinforcing interlocking block walls; prevents cracking of a masonry wall due to shrinking. Increases the strength and robustness of masonry structures. Ladder reinforcements are made of stainless steel.

Ladder reinforcement, stainless steellength 4000 mm

Crossing bars for insulating casting blocks

Crossing bar12 mm, length 4000 mm
Crossing bar16 mm, length 4000 mm

Joint wool strip

Mineral wool strip can be applied to horizontal joints of LECA insulating blocks to improve the U-value of the block structure and prevent air flows inside the wall.

Joint wool stripwidth 17 mm, length 15 mm

Polyurethane products

Polyurethane foam can be applied to the thermal layer of horizontal and vertical seams of thermal blocks. The foam glues the blocks together while the work lasts and helps to ensure that there are no gaps in the thermal layer.

PU foam750 ml
PU foam winter750 ml
PU cleaner500 ml
PU gun

Installation wedges for casting blocks

Installation wedges60 x 30 x 8 mm, 300 pcs per bagInstallation wedge47 x 6 x 8 mm


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