A new look for your garden

The more beautiful and usable the garden is, the better it functions as an integral part of your home. It is a good idea to consider the purposes of the garden and pavements when the house is being designed. Then it is easy to start planning garden areas that meet all the desired purposes, either yourself or with the help of a professional designer. Paving stones, tiles and slabs make gardens and pavements pleasant and attractive and give a finishing touch to the surroundings. Walls stones give additional character and help in marking the limits of different areas in the garden or managing different altitudes. The stones are great as space dividers. Curb stones are great for edging plant arrangements or finishing the edges of grass areas.

The greatest advantage of a stone paving is its long life. Paving stones by Lujabetoni have been manufactured to withstand heavy use, including car tyres. Stone paving is also easy to keep clean:

light brushing is often enough, but the stones can be rinsed clean with a garden hose or pressure washer. Paving stones can be applied to terraces, patios, walkways and around plant arrangements.

The thickness of the stones depends on the usage. Paving stones that are 50 or 60 mm thick are ideal for areas with light traffic and passenger cars as well as for parking areas. Stones that are 70 or 80 mm thick are best suited for areas with heavy traffic and service traffic.

Lujabetoni offers a wide selection of paving stones for self-builders and professional builders. Thanks to the wide range of colours available, it is possible to create a completely unique garden by combining a variety of shapes and colours.

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